Newly Weds Foods Goes Back to School for International School Meals Day

To coincide with International School Meals Day on 14th March 2019, a team from Newly Weds Foods head office in Ossett went to a local primary school, Dimple Well Infant School, to demonstrate to the Year 2 classes how some of their favourite coated foods are made.

Alison Robshaw, Faye Cunningham and Sue Schofield talked to the 6 and 7 year olds about having a balanced diet, then tested their recognition of various foods, including roast chicken, salmon and carrot sticks.

The team talked about how fish fingers and chips are made, then the children coated vegetable burgers with pre-dust, batter and breadcrumb. Alison Robshaw said “The children’s attention was fantastic and their interest in the samples of wheat, grain and all of the ingredients that go into a coating system were great. I particularly liked how they wanted to play with the dough!”

After the interactive session in the morning the children were set a competition to design and draw a food product, working with their teachers and support staff. Faye Cunningham said “The children’s ideas were fantastic. It’s great to see their imagination after the earlier session! We had a great time looking through all of the ideas and they were very difficult to narrow down!”

The winners received National Book Tokens to aid their future studies, while everyone received a goodie bag with a water bottle, crayons and notepad.

The session was great fun for the team involved and a change from our usual projects!