Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

We strive to offer our customers every edge to ensure product development success, from formula to process to plate.

Market Intelligence

For menu and portfolio development, we utilise the most comprehensive menu-tracking databases covering Canada and the US. Retail and food service trends are monitored through various database resources as well as in-house intelligence gathering via a team of experienced marketers.

Culinary and Technical Excellence

Culinary Chefs and an extensive team of R&D staff are available to help deliver first class ingredient solutions.

Processing Assistance

Our knowledgeable, Technical Service Experts are always on hand for start-ups, technical assistance, troubleshooting, plant assessments or to run production and process seminars. Our comprehensive meat and batter/ breading pilot plants are also available for customer trials. They can simulate most manufacturing processes utilised by our customers.

Integrated, Just-in-Time Response

When you join forces with Newly Weds® Foods, you also get Manufacturing and Logistics Specialists who understand the importance of reliable deliveries, along with non-stop support from our experienced Technical Team.

Customer-Focused Culture

Most importantly, we offer an entire organisation that’s structured and dedicated to serving you better and faster. We deliver everything and more than you’d expect from an industry leader.