Seasoning Systems

Seasoning Systems

The ultimate test of any food product is how good it tastes.

It takes a world of skills and resources to develop great-tasting products while still meeting every technical challenge from stability to yield to labelling. Newly Weds® Foods is the seasoning and ingredient system specialist that can create great formulations from process to plate.

We understand that product success depends on evaluating each ingredient. To make this process easier for your development team, we maintain one of the largest R&D departments in the industry. Beyond their knowledge of organoleptics and biochemistry, our formulation experts also understand the unique complexities of commercial processing.


The advantages are more than skin deep.

marinadesA marinade is a functional and flavouring ingredient that can be applied to meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood. It’s advantages include tenderisation, succulence and flavour retention while extending cook tolerance, shelf-life and yield. Marinades can be applied by soaking, tumbling, vacuum tumbling, injection or a combination of these processes. Newly Weds® Foods understands the mechanics of marinades and you can count on our technological expertise to create the right marinade to meet your requirements. We’ll create a custom formulation that’s compatible with your existing product line and equipment.

  • Functional Marinades: Offer purge resistance, flavour, stability and yield.
  • Enhancing Marinades: Reinforce a product’s natural flavour while providing a tender, juicy mouth-feel.
  • Characterising Marinades: Impart a definitive target flavour.

Glazes & Rubs

gnrWe decide what to eat with our eyes, which is why glazes and rubs are increasing in popularity.

These systems are applied topically to intensify visual impact, as well as deliver and seal in a specific flavour. They also help retain moisture, stabilise colour and prevent freezer burn. Newly Weds® Foods glaze & rub systems can be customised for a variety of substrates including meat proteins, seafood and vegetables.

We’ll formulate a glaze or rub that covers evenly and delivers the precise flavour, texture, adhesion and appearance.

Formulated Seasonings

formulatedseasoningsCustom formulated seasonings add significant value to any finished product. Available as dry blends or liquid sauces, signature seasonings are employed primarily to drive product concepts through flavour across a variety of substrates and applications. They also offer many other benefits such as improving flavour release, culinary balance, flavour retention and stronger visual appeal. Newly Weds® Foods is geared to provide seasoning attributes like these with quality that’s unsurpassed.

Our seasoning portfolio spans virtually every product category:

  • Dry Soup Mixes
  • Gravy Mixes
  • Dry Sauces
  • Prepared Entrees