Culinary Expertise

Culinary Expertise

Culinary Innovation

Our kitchen is the hub of everything we do. Our food values resonate from within its walls. Innovative and tasty ideas are born and nurtured, the culmination of our passion and commitment to quality ingredients.

Although we are influenced by trends and marketing data, the wizardry of flavour, colour, texture, aroma and presentation are all conceived in our kitchen.

Our inventive, experienced culinary professionals will bring unique flavour and flair to your food products. The Global Culinary Team at Newly Weds Foods consists of our talented global chefs from all of our divisions, regularly meeting in locations around the world to share insights and network with external professionals. Our goal is to better understand new cooking techniques and break down food boundaries, to bring new and inspired thinking to cuisines and deliver innovative food concepts to local markets.

Well versed in classic cuisines as well as today’s emerging global flavours and trends, we work with customers and development teams daily to provide consultation and ensure the ultimate element of acceptance: great taste. To support our culinary efforts, a network of culinary centers around the globe has been established, staffed by artful chefs using real-world foodservice equipment and new cooking platforms and techniques to prepare and take foods in fresh new directions. We leverage our resources to:

  • Delivery against the Brief:
    • Making sure we have a clear understanding of requirements and factory processes.
  • Achieve “gold standard” innovation:
    • Generate breakthrough food concepts with inspired features that push culinary boundaries and our customer thinking.
  • Add excitement to the consumer experience:
    • Add new flavours or other attributes to existing profiles to excite consumers and enhance commerciality.
  • Balance design with performance and creativity:
    • Achieve goals for presentation and taste, while ensuring the product meets our customer’s fundamental performance and production demands.